Latest version of Schart System.

This is a software specially designed to help you to control and to decide what to do about investments, bourse, financing, health control, and any other activity that you could control with cycles and time through Astrology.

The soft works with a database created for each activity. You must bring up to date all data every day get it.

SCHART System computes for each different date an average value from planets positions and planet aspects, showing this data as a separate chart which coordinates must look like the real one. These adjustments are very easy to do it with through software functions.


At this point you can ask to the program some forecast for a series of dates, to know how your activity could run.

SCHART System will compute the new planetary and future positions, showing the new data on a forecast chart.

Inside a grid the software will show the predicted possible values for each date computed.

 No previous astrology knowledge is necessary.

Then, this software can help you to:

  • Bourse investments controlling
  • Finance
  • Company movement
  • Commercial people activity
  • Illness and health controlling
  • Any other activity with cycles controlled by days, weeks or months.

Schart System 5 runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, 1024x768 resolution screen minimum needed.

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