Software for hermetic numerology.  New version for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Very easy and intuitive use.

You can now easily calculate the numeric vibrations of one or two persons through  the KABALA system, the most ancient and graceful numeric divination. Just enter the name and date of birth;  NUMERO SOFT SYSTEM does the rest. 

  • Uses kabalistic vibrations.
  • You can change the vibration base to use with other languages.
  • Creates a text of psychology and compatibility.
  • Creates a diary of pre-visions.
  • NUMERO SOFT is intuitive and easy of use.
  • Questions are interpreted  via the Oracle function.
  • Word processor included.
  • I.D.S.  (client details saved to disk can be used in any M.Llop Software program.)




 ***Sorry!  This program is available only in spanish.***.


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