Professional software to make more easy the learning and practice of the magical esoteric world. All normal classic problems of better epoch for use a ritual solved instantly.

The software include seven separate themes with a total of about 300 rites perfectly explained. Themes are: LOVE, PROFESSION/WORK, MONEY, HEALTH, HATE, MASTER RITUALS and OTHERS.

When on select a ritual the software compute automatically the better dates you can use this ritual, this computing is in basis to astrology, moon phases, moon houses, and also the magic timetable of legendary use. Then the software compute a value for each of these epochs then you know how much important is or not the selected date. Each ritual have a perfect explanation how to prepare and use it. All materials used are easy to find on market.

Also the software can compute the magical times for a selected date that correspond to any of the known 72 Kabbalah Angels.

One text processor is included to print a perfect presentation of the text if you need it.

Database is open, then you can modify or insert new records for another ritual you may know.

Included tables of analogy for Angels with planets, gems, astrological signs, herbs, illnesses, moon houses and the seven clsssic magic squares.

Properties and computer requeriments:

  • 300 rituals explained.
  • pictures of talisman or pantacles if needed for one ritual.
  • text processor included
  • automatic compute of the best time and date, also every day magic hours and Angels hours.
  • possible to edit or include new rituals.
  • easy settings for your geographic location
  • Work on Windows XP,Vista/WINDOWS 7 and 8

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