Just a better way to play and win to Lotto.

This software will solve you the eternal doubts about choosing good numbers in the Lotto lottery.

As a general rule the lotto players choose the numbers through unfortunate ways, some think on their birthday number, other with the month number, other with the relational astrological sign, etc, etc. These practices only can get back a tiny 15-18% as income (this is the usual % that lotto companies permit).

Now Lotto 17 comes to help you to choose the better numbers. With Lotto 17 you will recover much more than double of normal 15-18%. With Lotto 17 you will close to much to good luck.

How works Lotto 17?


The software uses several algorithms analizing the last 50 lottery draws and offering to you the better  17 numbers from the last cycle. They are numbers that have regular cycles and can obtain a good level of prizes.

Why 17 numbers ?

We have experimented that into a big cycle of  lottery draws (lotto system of 49 numbers) there are some of numbers that almost always appear with similar distances and repeat similar statistics, this group is about 17. Then playng 17 good numbers you can recover a big part of your expenses (more than playing with 14 or 20 for example)..

The only thing you must do after any lottery draw is to update the software database with that result.

This software is very easy to use, only to push a button and wait a few seconds, the better 17 numbers will be showed.

Can you have more probabilities of having prize choosing your favourite numbers among 17 or  doing it among 49?. Answer yourself .

The software include two ways for playing all 17 favourite numbers with compressed a combination

A very easy and nice software that only costs you

 19.95 US$  (download version only)

Although if you will not have a good luck with the first lottery draws, what is sure is that you will amortize this small cost with some small prizes that never will be obtained without the use of the software.

This software can analize the favourite numbers with system lotteries that use 4 to 7 balls (columns). The better result can be obtained with the system of estandar 6 balls. You can use numbers from 1 to 99 according your lottery system.

Important note for combined numbers:

The software only can prepare compressed and combined columns for the standar system 6/49 (Spanish lottery and similar). Other users only can work the software for choosing the better numbers.


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