The users that select the lower tariff of download Internet,  may keep in mind the following conditions:  

1) the license of a product by download Internet is exactly the same that the one in cd  version and you will benefit of the same technical support and level of updates.  

2) the client has 30 natural days since the order date  to download the files of the product from our server.  

3) the client must have the possibility to make copy as security of the files downloaded  to a external device, e.g. a cd recorder,  to be able to reinstall the software if it could be necessary.  

4) after 30 days from the purchase date:  If the client needs to reinstall the software and  he/she had not maked copy as security of the downloaded files, or this copies have been ruined or lost, it is considered that the client has lost the software. (In such cases, the only possible alternative to palliate to the minimum that circumstance, consists on ask for an upgrade of the product  to a superior or more recent version if it exists with the payment of the upgrade tariff, or, the payment of some minimum rights as upgrade that are the 20% of the price of the program in the same version).