New versión of most practical and complete software for biorhythm in Spanish.

Compute biorhythms of a person for all a month with interpretation through text fo each day.

The software compute the all classic cicles of biorhythms (23, 28 y 33 días), but also include a personal or experimental system to calculate other cicles.

The software can create the own PDF file with text and graphics and optionally it compress into a zip file to send by email.

Can save to disk till 20 important dates of each persone analized with simultaneous graphics of them.

Forecast in text format. Text Windows processor incorporated.

Ease and intuitive work.

I.D.S. (clients database in extended mode, all details of the people saved in disk and accesed from all other esoteric programs from our factory).



***Sorry, only spanish language avalaible***


 Computer requeriments:

Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 y 8
50 MB HD
256 Mb ram minimum
Mouse and printer
Internet and acces to SMTP server (if you want to deliver in automatic mode by email)


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