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The most advanced and exact software for diagnose and treat illness in basis to famous flower essences of Dr. Edward Bach. Our software created in 1995 now also is avalaible in English and Italian languages.

The software have all the necessary infomation and symptoms to locate the correct essences needed for a treatment, it has an easy and intuitive use also for non expert persons with computer use.

On use a symptoms list where the therapist select the symptoms that the client suffer, or on can do through a questionnaire, this is practical if your client is an introverted person, in this case the client only must answer with a YES or NO each question, then the software evaluate those answers and select the essences necessary. This same procedure on can use by e-mail when your clients are from long distance (or optionally by your personal web).

Included procedures:

- All essences database, their properties and use explained.

- Perfect diagnose system in basis to a puntuation way from all symptoms selected. Always on obtain an exact result for the treatment of the clients problems.

- Prrocedure to locate the essences in basis a test (by questionnaire).

- Information related to Chakras and Bach essences

- Included the body maps to locate essences for each part of the body.

- Generic illness list treatment.

- On can print the prescription formula for the client (with instructions of use).

-  Can send e-mail to your client directly (on need you have SMTP account server access).

- The questionnaire and prescription can be printed or send by email also in Spanish or Italian.

- Some basic explanations about how to prepare one dilution.

- Open databases: you can add or modify the symptoms and questionnaires.

 - Easy use.

- Included the access to our I.D.S. database (this are records for familiar history and personal details of the clients if necessary).

Minimum computer requirement:

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
50 MB. HD
Screen 1024x768


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